Picture Engine


Look carefully for the changes; Strut brace, 3″inlet pipe, a hint of Forge…., Poly bushes on the engine.


Picture Front and Side

Standard Aero from the front. Standard wheels and tyres (good Michelin rubber of course)


Picture Rear

The JT 3 inch exhaust hints that not everything is normal.

Want to know all of the improvements that make this 400BHP Saab 9000 a road legal wolf in sheep’s clothing? Give Jon a call on 01202 722254.




ECU Upgrades for

GM900lpt 150 to 230bhp

GM900T 175 to 230bhp

9000 2.0l 150 to 230bhp

9000 2.3l 205 to 300bhp

9000 Aero 225 to 300bhp

All at £225 (compare Jon’s prices)

93 and 95 various upgrades available, contact for quotes. All prices are for an exchange ECU.


Remember your insurance policy – always inform your insurer of any modifications.