Performance Tuning


Saab make very good cars, many models of which have impressive performance even by today’s standards – so first, ensure the basics are right. Get it serviced and running well as standard before you decide how far you want to go with modifications. To see how far you can go, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Stage 2

Can the suspension and brakes cope with more power.

If not up rate them with standard SAAB parts from their own performance models, or look at after market parts from leading suppliers. Check out the links page.Think nylon bushes, springs and adjustable shock absorbers (Koni and Brembo are very good) before playing with extras such as additional anti roll bars etc. Remember what type of feel you want (track or road car).




Stage 3

Start with the important bits – a K and N or JR air filter will improve power across the rev range as well as torque and costs about £40, but has a lifetime guarantee so works out cheaper than standard replacements. You also use less fuel when the engine is more efficient.





Stage 4

Chips (now supplied – see ECU uogrades below), down pipes, complete exhausts to get the turbo gases away – a good exhaust makes similar differences to a good air filter – fit JT or similar 3″ exhaust , turbo, waste gate, injectors and manual fuel pressure regulator (FSE valve), DI conversion on classic 900 and 99 16v Turbo. Your SAAB has lots of modification potential!





Stage 5

ECU Upgrades for

GM900lpt 150 to 230bhp

GM900T 175 to 230bhp

9000 2.0l 150 to 230bhp

9000 2.3l 205 to 300bhp

9000 Aero 225 to 300bhp

All at £225 (compare my prices)

93 and 95 various upgrades available, contact for quotes. All prices are for an exchange ECU.

Saab 9000 Aero 400BHP click here for a seriously quick car that handles and looks standard having been built using the above principles


Remember your insurance policy – always inform your insurer of any modifications.