Tired of paying £80 plus an hour for labour rates at the main dealer?

Think that the new “cheap” short service and master service options by the national companies are good value? Well they are if £99 for short service,  an oil change (its not synthetic oil) and filter is considered good value. Jon charges £90 for this. See the Gallery below for the pricing structure of a National Service Center. A major service starts at £139.

Now add the Extras for a major service –

  • Synthetic oil,
  • Spark plugs 
  • Pollen filter
  • Fuel filter
  • What are the quality of the parts? What if more major items are needed such as brake disks, pads, bushes etc?

So when you ring Jon and he says £90 for an oil change service and £250 for a full service, remember that includes 4 NGK spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter, oil filter, pollen filter, synthetic oil, gear box oil top up as well as a full check up. Note if you drive Aero, Viggen or T16S 900 plugs are about £8 each.

Looking for someone who actually understands and has experience of dismantling and repairing all Saabs?

Jon Saab is your local independent Saab mechanic for Dorset and Hampshire.

Specialising in the classic cars such as the Saab 99, Saab 900, Saab 9000, but also repairing Saab 900gm, Saab 93 and Saab 95 models. He has been repairing Saab classics and newer models for two decades. All his trade has been by personal recommendation.

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